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We promise you a fast & efficient recruitment process. Tell us the skill set you need and we’ll find the best developer for you in days, not weeks.
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recruitment process
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(30 minutes)
discovery meeting
we want to discuss your business, values and goals, as well as sketching the ideal candidate profile
and in 5 days
(top 2/3 candidates)
meet & hire
the best candidate
100% of our top two-thirds recommended candidates were introduced into our client’s recruitment process, and in 90% of cases, at least one candidate received an offer.
what you save
+50 hours
per developer of engineering team in interviewing.
how far your projects would go with that extra time?
reduce frustration of engineers to waste time
let them keep on track with project
how we
your team
no more wasted interviews
more time & focus for your projects
integrate faster the candidate in your project
your business
save money & resources on wasted time
focus on growing & earning more




happy customers
in just 3 years
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we believe in dream jobs

this is why

having you as a partner
will give us the opportunity to
connect passionate people
with their dream job

our partners

we have established solid relationships with top companies around the world, earning the distinction of being the go-to recruitment agency for more than 40 Global clients on their most challenging endeavors.

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