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who we are?

we are recrumind

a team of passionate people, and if you wonder what our passions are, well,

we love connecting with people, discovering them, and providing our best support to help them reach their professional goals. to fully understand the mission of Recrumind, we are challenging you to think of the people in your life who have made a meaningful impact on you , to those you want to say "thank you". we are certain that you have met many people with whom you have shared memorable moments, people who have contributed to the changes in your life up to this point. we believe that the right connections can bring you valuable opportunities. coming back to us, Recrumind is the spark that ignites the opportunity for people to connect and guides them to the next step in their professional journey.



we recognize passion when people tell stories about what they love to do with a genuine smile that comes from the bottom of their hearts. even when their eyes are open, they are far away, reliving those moments again. passion is about doing what people love naturally and unplanned. let's connect and talk more about your passions and what truly moves you.


transparency is a core value at Recrumind. we believe that open and honest communication is essential to building strong partnerships, teamwork and collaboration with our customers. we are dedicated to being by your side every step of the way and we are committed to communicating transparently to ensure the successful development of your projects. we believe that transparency is key to building trust and fostering long-lasting relationships

continuous improvement

when passion guides your interests, better solutions will come to you or you will be driven by curiosity to find them. people will see your improvements as a sign of courage, vision, and hard work, because you are taking steps forward. allow passion and curiosity to lead your professional journey, and each step will be shorter.


what do you call the skills that allow you to deliver the same or better results despite the constant changes of time? at Recrumind, we believe that a challenge is always new, even if you've faced it many times before. the key to success is the ability to balance knowledge, organization, vision, and hard work. these are the skills that stand behind every successful story.


curiosity and perseverance are two vital traits of competence. being competent is an admirable skill that gives you the ability to teach and, in some cases, inspire others to be their best selves. by maintaining a curious mindset and sharing your knowledge, you can make the world a better place.

defines us

what inspired us?

the recrumind project started thanks to people

they have inspired us and helped us understand who we are and what we like to do.

we are happy that some of these people are members of our team. we learned what transparency means from such passionate people, and how you can succeed no matter what challenges you face simply by allowing yourself to be guided by your passion; we like to think of our team as the founders of our values. we realize this is our passion when we have the pleasure of meeting you or when we see how the people we have interacted with, share their experiences with smiles and fulfillment.

where are we from?

Iasi, one of the most appreciated Romanian IT hubs

there you can find passionate people and the biggest worldwide corporations, the perfect environment for students to become experts.

we believe that every student on earth would love to study in Romania, the main reasons are costs and opportunities. an environment where universities are free for the most passionate people and companies that help students practice, giving them the opportunity to have a full employment contract with the flexibility that a student needs.

where do we recruit?

we successfully helped our partners recruit worldwide

with a community of over 30k passionate people, we believe that any challenge could be a success story.

we believe that the core of each business is the team, they have the power to make the business idea come true. your customers are enjoying your products or services thanks to the people who are working behind the scenes. do not worry about where your scenes are located, we are ready to match the best candidate with the business’s needs and values, everywhere.

what’s our commitment?

we provide more than a service, we want to be part of your success story.

the team > product or service > customers satisfaction

the idea that drives our work is simple: a good match helps you build and deliver your product or service to your highest standards. the candidate will feel excited to have the opportunity to do exactly what they are more passionate about, and your customers will enjoy the work of an awesome team. if the match is that important, we have to believe in your project as much as you do and choose your team members at our best.

this is why

having you as a partner
will give us the opportunity to
connect passionate people
with their dream job

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