when challenges are tough, hire great minds.

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we are recruiters and matching people’s passions with the appropriate challenges is what we love to do, let us know more about your project or career path, we are eager to meet you and find the best solution that fits your ambitions.

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welcome to recrumind
where passionate people
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a team of passionate people, which would love to help you build your ideal team

we believe that the core of each business is the team, they have the power to make the business idea come true. your customers are enjoying your products or services thanks to the people who are working behind the scenes. we would love to be part of your awesome projects and help you build the perfect team.

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we help businesses , from startups to large organizations, in accelerating their transition into the future, and we do that by bringing talent, imagination, and engagement to your organization through people. we are dedicated to supporting the expansion of our partners, and we go above and above to locate them the top IT industry candidates.

at Recrumind, we're inspired by the incredible people we talk to every day, and we're committed to helping candidates find a job that allows them to embrace their specialist skills. how do we do that? it's simple, knowing them, and we mean really getting to know them – not just the skills checklist on their CV. by properly understanding their goals, career history and personal situation, we can match them with a role in a company that will allow them professional and personal fulfillment.

this is why

having you as a partner
will give us the opportunity to
connect passionate people
with their dream job

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thriving for recruitment efficiency

looking for the right new team member

your team is working hard to deliver the project on time and as per your company standards. the new colleague has to be the missing piece of the puzzle, with the exact attitude and preparation to join a winning team. all the recruitment process was structured with a unique goal, finding the exact candidate you are looking for.

building or scaling your team

the implication we would love to have in your recruitment process

with a community of over 30k passionate people, we believe that any challenge could be a success story. our network is growing fast, there are developers from junior to senior, as well as architects, tech leads, and managers that are joining Recrumind.

3 months warranty

a complete service, ready to guarantee your success.

what could be more reassuring than having the certitude of the integrity of your team, and for complicated situations, having the certitude that new talent will join immediately your team.

signing the agreement

discovery meeting

the recruitment process
how it works?

an experienced recruiter will be assigned to you, we want to keep it simple. in the background, you will benefit from an entire team, well synchronized with a unique purpose, finding the ideal candidate.


the candidate profile, sourcing campaign, our challenge

during our discovery meeting, we will shape the ideal candidate profile. we don't want to miss anything, this is why we would love to have an open discussion regarding your business goals, expectations, and how big the challenge is. our goal is to establish a strong collaboration by balancing your business objectives with the candidate's expectations and knowledge, to ensure a successful and long-term partnership.


the best matching talents with your job requirements, the necessary motivation

in most cases, the source is common for all of us, our plus is creativity and inspiration to discover or got the ideal candidate’s curiosity.


the candidate profile, sourcing campaign, our challenge

balancing the candidate’s, knowledge, motivation, aspiration, and expectations with the company’s values, resulting in a long-term and productive relationship.

you will meet the candidate

hiring the candidate

start journey

our partners

we have established solid relationships with top companies around the world, earning the distinction of being the go-to recruitment agency for more than 30 Global clients on their most challenging endeavors.

this is why

having you as a partner
will give us the opportunity to
connect passionate people
with their dream job

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Recruitment retention is one of our quality check metrics, and the value indicates the results for the year 2022. Matching the right candidate's passion and ambitions with the company's goals allows us to drastically increase the retention of the candidates on our partners' projects.


A community of passionate people that increase by more than 35% in 2022 and is continuously growing.


We are constantly striving to improve our service and reduce the number of matching days as much as possible. In 2022, our best time for recommending the right candidate was 3 working days.