Onsite support technician

Our client is seeking an IT Support Specialist to join their team. The role involves handling cabling, device installation, and maintaining documentation. English and German proficiency required. Apply now! 


full time

Munich, Germany

300 EUR daily

contractor model/service contract


required skills

English and German


IT support


job description

Cabling / patching

             Devices need to be connected to switches, routers or other data communication equipment. During the installation process the devices to be connected, ports to be used and where to will be explained by engineers.

             Your task is making and checking the connection.


Install devices

              New devices need to be installed in the plant. The location and way to be installed will be specified by the engineers. Next to the installation on a desk, in a rack or other space, the cabling needs to be done.


Error finding on devices / cabling

             It is possible that a malfunction is detected. A local intervention will be asked to make basic tests and verify cabling. Basic fault detection is a must.


Staging PC and laptops

             New active devices (PC or Laptops) need to be set up with the correct profile.

Credentials for new users will be given by the helpdesk. 

After the staging an update of the CMDB needs to be made.



              A full documentation of used ports, used patching (copper and fiber) needs to be kept up to date and needs to be available on a shared drive. All modifications to the backbone cabling system need to be logged.


Proactive actions

              As you, our IT partner, will be on site on a regular basis, we expect that you keep us informed on possible issues. For example, running out of patching cables, power cables, free space in racks, temperature issues, leaking water, any issue that could put the correct IT functioning in danger.


Environmental support

             It can be seen in the large sense, it is possible that you will need to give support on the fire detection, software controlling the CCTV, access control and alarms, the HVAC monitoring.



              It is possible that larger modifications will be planned. This will be in a kind of ‘project mode’. A special price quote will be requested for these projects.

Technical/Business Skills:

  • Spoken languages: English and German
  • IT Support experience in a large enterprise environment 
  • Monitoring and improvement of procedures and documentation
  • Excellent customer service abilities: client orientation, active listening and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment and to multitask.

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